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sundaymail [userpic]

Gimme a Break.

November 23rd, 2009 (10:01 am)

mood: sleepy
music: Flaming Arrow- Jupiter One

I can't believe it's almost Thanksgiving! This year has felt like it's flown by. Even Halloween feels like it was only a week ago. That seems to be a theme though-- the older you get, the faster the year goes.

This weekend was Type C filming, and I think it went pretty darn well! It really sucks that I have a radio shift Monday mornings though because I need to catch up on the sleep I didn't get this weekend. Oh well... I guess that's what Turkey Break is for: catnaps and food comas, right?

I'm just glad I'll get to sleep in for a week. I'll have to get used to waking up early next semester. My latest class is at 9:30 :(

Hopefully if I put myself on the waiting list, I can still get into the class. I kinda need media analysis. Just saying.

sundaymail [userpic]

Bored with a capital B!

November 19th, 2009 (09:56 pm)

mood: bored
music: Long, Long, Long- The Beatles

Today was boring. Uneventful. Overall just pointless.
I could have skipped class, but I didn't cause I'm a good student!

So yeah... this post has no point to it, except that I wanted to use this awesome new icon i found from Scrubs! CHYEAH.

Oh, also I changed around the colours and such! Whaddya think?

sundaymail [userpic]

Running till your blood feels like battery acid.

November 11th, 2009 (11:45 pm)

mood: drained

Metaphorically speaking, of course.
So today I think I reached my stress level breaking point. I'm up to my ears in tests, papers and school work that I think I've literally worked my brain to mush. No seriously. I can't think anymore!

Lucky for my oatmeal brain, I'm done with all the stressful stuff. No more tests and papers... at least for a while. :)

I crashed today from 3:30-7. Yep. Nothing like a nice long nap to make you want to...just fall back asleep. Ha.

Anyway, there's not much to report on today.
I'm finally taking it easy and watching Summer Stock.

Mmm, mmm, mmm Gene Kelly. :D

sundaymail [userpic]

Time after time.

November 10th, 2009 (12:34 am)

mood: thirsty

Wow. Two years and then some.
Can you believe it?

I've been sitting on the couch, staring at the television and thinking how touching Hallmark commercials really are. No, really! They may be kind of cheesy, but if you give them a chance, it's sweet.

Ha. I sound like an old lady.
At least when you get old, you can say whatever the hell you want and no one tells you what to do. Everyone just humors you.

Anyway, if this isn't the most ADD post in the world I don't know what is!
While sitting at my computer for who knows how long, I've decided I'm going to make an effort to get back into the whole blog thing. We'll see how it goes. *S

Oh, P.S. I totally love that my mood icons are still Supernatural.

sundaymail [userpic]

Best Essay EVER!

October 10th, 2007 (08:28 pm)

mood: accomplished

Okay, so I hate my dual credit college english class...but I think I just wrote the best essay of my life! Check it out:

The critically acclaimed show Buffy the Vampire Slayer quickly became a cult classic for teens in the 90s. The show appealed to those who liked comedy, action, and drama alike; and what show would be complete without eye candy? The two vampire characters Angel and Spike were quickly adored by both men and women fans of the show. These vampires are as different as night and day, but they share some deeply-embedded similarities too.
Angel and Spike are on opposite ends of the male spectrum. Angel, the older of the two immortal hunks, is tall, dark, and mysterious. His brooding, chivalrous personality gives him a knight-in-shining-armor persona that tends to attract women whether he likes it or not. But this caring, ensouled vampire was not always a puppy dog with fangs. As Angelus, his evil alter ego, he was the scourge of Europe and delighted in torturing his victims. Before Spike obtained his soul, he only took pleasure in the thrill of the kill instead of the actual murder itself. Spike is the more misunderstood of the two vampires. He is usually seen as the “badass” sexy bleach blonde, but he has a very romantic and poetic side. Spike very much lacks a conscience and does what he wants when he pleases. Unlike Angel, he does not bend over backwards to do the right thing; he’s neither good nor evil, but can be persuaded to be on either side.
While these two vampires are obviously very different, they share some of the same qualities as well. Both characters are obviously vampires that are eventually cursed with the heavy burden of a soul. At the time that each man is cursed with his soul, they both endure the same amount of pain and guilt towards their past victims. Most importantly, these vampires share a love for the same woman: Buffy Summers. Love can make people do the wacky, especially when it comes to vampires loving the vampire slayer. Spike and Angel often argue over who loves Buffy more and who is better suited for the slayer; this never ends pleasantly, but they share a common love interest all the same.
The show Buffy the Vampire Slayer has developed two highly adored vampires that are as different as white and black. Spike and Angel are polar opposites, but they also share very important comparisons. Perhaps it is their similarities, and not their differences, that fuel their distaste for one another.

Yeah...it's beautiful. And that's all I have to say :]

sundaymail [userpic]

I love Kaylee, Sunshine, Jess and Louis.

April 28th, 2007 (01:11 am)

mood: happy

End of Story. :D

sundaymail [userpic]

Beautiful People make the world go round..

April 22nd, 2007 (01:32 pm)

mood: giddy
music: Hey There Delilah- Plain White T's

So I finally know where I want to go to college. I finally know what I want to major in, and it's no longer interior design. I want to major in Marketing at Baylor University in Waco, Texas.

I visited the college this weekend during spring premiere, and I don't think I've been so happy in a long time. The campus is the oldest in Texas, yet it's absolutely breathtaking. There are so many trees and squirrels... the people are so nice. Everyone we passed smiled, or said hello or something, and oh my god, I don't think I've seen so many gorgeous people in one place in my life. Screw Hollywood. Baylor has the most beautiful, drool worthy students. EVER.

Seriously, I wanted to jump practically every guy I passed. And..even the frat boys were nice..not to mention gorgeous of course. Honest to God, there was a guy who looked like Chris Evans.

Ahem, anyways...so my dream of being an interior designer is no longer. I want to go into marketing and really, do anything. I think being a buyer would be incredibly awesome, and Baylor offers so many internships for marketing...it's mindblowing.

So enough talk about gorgeous men and amazing job opportunities..

I took some quizzes I found. I've probably taken half of them already, but what the hell.

Read more...Collapse )

sundaymail [userpic]

Incompetance is so ANNOYING!

February 27th, 2007 (07:11 pm)

mood: annoyed
music: Let It Go- Blue October

So we had play practice right after school today. I didn't have time to go tanning *pout*.

That's not what really bothers me...it's just the fact that we get called for play practice and we do absolutely nothing. We never get anything accomplished because our stupid theatre teacher never takes action. I think in the entire hour and a half I was there, he made one actual decision.

I just hate when people waste my time. I could be doing much better things than sitting around waiting for them to make an idiot decision. Blah.

Enough ranting...whatever. I'm over it. I'm just...annoyed. At least today's only a four day week.

sundaymail [userpic]

Take a shower, shine your shoes...you've got nothing to lose.

February 26th, 2007 (11:27 pm)

mood: quixotic

So this weekend was great.

Saturday I spent most of the day in Birdville, Texas at an art competition. I entered two pieces: my self portrait and a vase. My vase made it to state so in April, I get to skip school for a couple of days to go to Galveston for the State Competition thingie. We get to go to the aquarium. Woot. I'm so mentally 10 years old..can you tell?

Saturday night was amazing. Those of you who I talked to know what I mean..if you don't know, you probably won't find out. So nyeah.

Sunday I did absolutely nothing..and I slept a lot.

And today was a teacher in-service day, so I hung out with Kat and her older sister Sarah. It was great! We went tanning..it was my first time. I officially joined the skin cancer society. Woot. Then we saw The Number 23. If you haven't seen this yet or weren't planning to...GO SEE IT! It's amazing. Plus, hello...Jim Carrey! After that we got our nails and toes done...and then we went back to Kat's house and started watching Little Nemo (that movie gave me nightmares when I was a kid) but stopped it to start watching this crazy Japanese movie called Battle Royale. It was odd....we didn't finish either movie, so I took them home with me.

I'm currently on my sister's new laptop (which by the way is weird...windows vista isn't all that it's cracked up to be. Pfft. I'll stick with oldschool windows, thank you.) and finished watching Little Nemo. The movie sucks overall, but the little squirrel is the cutest thing EVER! And the Nightmare King still kinda creeps me out. Gotta love childhood memories, right?

Yeah, anyways, I'm very...content. And I think I'm going to go to bed now.

Love to all.

Ooh, P.S. I got a ketchup packet from Taco Bell that says "Will you marry me?" Obviously I kept it. :]

sundaymail [userpic]

Speaking is overrated.

February 6th, 2007 (03:04 pm)

mood: sick
music: Here(in your arms) - Hellogoodbye

So..I stayed home sick today. I think I have laryngitis because I woke up and my throat felt about as small as a straw, and I had no voice. Literally. I didn't get my voice back until about 2 pm and it's still barely above a whisper.

I am so drugged up on sudafed and random cold medication, you have no idea.

Anyways, since I haven't posted to lj in about a month, I'll give you a small recap of my life.

Friday and Saturday, I went to a UIL Tournament at my old highschool Flower Mound. I got second place in round one and first in round two, but then I got screwed over at semifinals. One of the judges clearly had something against me because he scored me last place, which I should have technically gotten at least fifth because two people went over time and should have gotten disqualified. The other judge marked me third which was fine..but the last judge marked me fourth. The thing that made me pissed was that the judge who marked me fourth wrote on my ballot "top two in the room. one of my favourites!" and he had it all underlined. Twice. This means he was pressured by the asshole judge who ranked me last to not mark me how he really wanted to, which is against the rules of UIL conduct. I won't bore you with the details. But I cried in IHOP when I read my ballots, because I should have gone to finals. Pissed me off beyond reason.

And then Lerin, being the wonderfully sweet person she is, gave me a hug before we got to IHOP and said "I'm going to tell you the same thing I told Traci. The two of you deserve medals more than any of us because every time something like this happens, you keep smiling to make everyone else feel better." Or...something along those lines. Anyways, I almost cried right there because that's exactly how I felt.

Blah. Anyways, onto happier thoughts.

I got my license! I'm an official driver...beware.

Yeah, that's about it....

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